sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010

File-Sharing is NOT a crime.

My answer to those that still think FileSharing = Crime.

Waiting for your comments.

So, you seem to think that artists (of all areas) are entitled to perpetual income for one single act of work, regardless of it's quality and interest. Hmm... NO.

Spreading the works of others, and, sharing them freely, is not what you think, it is a basic act of humanity. Share, knowledge, art, music, pictures, movies, whatever form of human communication is basic to any human society. From the caves of ages ago, to the reformulated caves we now call Houses, humanity remained. We now use copper and fiber cables and other methods to communicate with our fellow humans, everywhere.

The internet gives us this. The world and everyone in it, is nothing more then a clan meeting, where we share thoughts, ideas, musics. And we share it for free, because free is how we got it.

If you want to be paid, work for EACH pay-check. As we ALL do.

Sustaining yourself trough artificial scarcities designed to fatten the middleman that stands between you and your public belongs to a really specific moment in our collective history. That century is gone. The gatekeepers that are complaining that they are loosing, will be gone too...

You need to rethink your values, rethink your morality. You DON'T need to pay for everything you see, read, watch, ear, or in any other form improves your life.

What is FAIR, is to pay for FAIR work done by others. Like the guy that cleans your pool because you are lazy. Or the guy that washes your car, because you don't like to get wet. That is FAIR work. If you invite a singer to sing at your daughters wedding, PAY. That fair. But, paying to choose said singer, from recordings made of other shows, paid by someone else, NO, it's not FAIR.

What you are confusing are 2 different things, the sharing of a recording, of a fac-simile, of a version, IS NOT the original work made by the author. The guy stretching his vocal cords in a stage in front of you, DESERVES to be paid for it's efforts. The recording of that said effort, MUST be free, it was already paid.

So, please take your last century ideals back to where they belong, and please let the rest of us live our humanity as we think it must be...

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